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We Are Mobile And We Are Here To Stay


As we began our new business venture Tyler and I began to ask ourselves why are we wasting our time and money hoping for clients to walk in our brick and mortar store. With this question in mind we developed our once in a lifetime opportunity to change the Cell Phone Repair for good. With a million and one doubts and worries we started to tell customers We Come To You! we got all kinds of responses from clients NO WAY to ARE YOU SERIOUS were by far the most common. Once we started to Fix phones at customers homes, offices and meeting in public it became an instant addiction, and there was nothing that could stop us from growing beyond our wildest dreams.


Think of your local gas station, you only go there because its on your way or becuse your running low on gas, when you open a Cell Phone Repair Store Near You the chances of someone who lives 25 miles away coming to your cell phone store are very slim, when we took our business mobile we instantly opened our door to millions of customer in the CHICAGO area.


When you ask me how big do you want to get? I say i want to have a Cell phone Technician on the moon! haha Yes we think this big because growing up in not so good suburban CHICAGO neighborhood the chances of making it out were very low. Our goal is to help our client feel secure about getting their smart device back as soon as possible and looking at the future devices there is no doubt in my mind that one day our Technician  will be working on your own personal robot.


We are two young self made entrepreneurs in your mid 20's with one thing in mind....Sky is the limt. As i sit here and write our first blog of many to come i want to say that the technology world has and will change the human experience like our ancestors Could have only dreamed of.

We currently offer our services in CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, PHOENIX, LA AND SAN DIEGO

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